Body massages

Traditional Whole Body Massage

In this type of massage, the correct application of the treatment relieves muscle cramps and simultaneously promotes the circulation.

Treatment time: 50 min.
Cost: Euro 57.00

Traditional Partial Massage

Above all the back, neck or legs deserve special attention.

Treatment time: 25 min.
Cost: Euro 30.00

Relaxing Massage with lavender oil

Essential oils are added to the massage oil to help soothe and relax the client. Gently beneficial massage.

Treatment time: 50 min.
Cost: Euro 60.00

Foot massage

Foot massages promote general harmonisation and relieve muscle cramps.

Treatment time: 25 min. / 50 min.
Cost: Euro 30.00 / Euro 55.00

Relaxing drainage massage

A light, gentle massage technique. Stimulates the lymphatic system, removes excess fluid and decongests the body tissues. As a result toxins and waste substances are eliminated. Highly recommended for cellulite, blockages, swelling and varicose veins.

Treatment time: 80 min.
Cost: Euro 75.00

Hot Rolls for the Back with massage

Involves the use of essential oils. An intensive massage to ease tense neck muscles.

Treatment time: 25 min. / 50 min.
Cost: Euro 35.00 / Euro 60.00

Hot Rolls for the Calves with massage

Ideal after skiing and hiking.

Treatment time: 25 min. / 50 min.
Cost: Euro 35.00 / Euro 60.00

Special treatment: Hot stone massage

80 minutes of pure relaxation with hot stones. This massage, which uses hot stones and warm massage oil relieves tensions and relaxes the body and soul.

Cost: Euro 70.00

Note: Cancellation

If you wish to cancel or postpone an appointment, please let us know one day in advance. If you do not appear at the reserved treatment time, you will be charged the full price / the service you have booked shall be considered to have been used if the treatment is part of a package. Please note if you arrive late for your appointment your treatment will be curtailed.