Kastelruth Golf Course

Kastelruth Golf Course / Seiser Alp

Kastelruth Golf Course / Seiser Alp

Fairways, ponds, gulleys, becks and fascinating waterfalls cover the area at the foot of the Schlern. In addition to scenic beauty, the excellently well-tended course also poses a stiff sporting challenge and is suitable for golfers of all different playing abilities.

The Mediterranean climate with a maximum of 700-800 ml of rain per m2 provides the perfect conditions for a long playing season. The course, which is situated at 850 metres above sea level, benefits from warm air currents and can be played from March to November. Nevertheless, due to its altitude, during the summer months of July and August it is not as hot as the valley.

“Each of the 18 holes has its own, distinctive character,” explains the internationally experienced golf school manager, Rudi Knapp, “which makes the course a dream for every golfer. It is very well designed. The tees are all at a slightly higher elevation than the greens, which means that you can always see what awaits you."

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Newcomers to golf or players who want to work on their handicap will find attractive offers available in the Kastelruth / Seiser Alp Golf School. They can sign up for a taster lesson and take their first steps on a golf course, pass the course license examination under the guidance of an experienced pro or learn all about the correct on-course strategies. Rudi Knapp’s golf school offers all this and more.

The idea that golf is only for the well-heeled has long been an outmoded cliché. The Kastelruth / Seiser Alp Golf Club has made it its business to make the sport more accessible to a broader public. “It is very important for us to offer memberships for children and young people under the age of 18 at affordable rates,” says Kurt Obkircher, the club president and initiator of the course. Special offers such as the 10-year membership or beginners’ and taster courses have also been introduced with the aim of appealing to new golfing enthusiasts. “We take care to ensure that we are ideally equipped to suit all the different needs of South Tyrolean golfers and holidaymakers,” concludes Kurt Obkircher, as silence falls once again. If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was peaceful enough to hear the grass grow.

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