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Baumwirt *** Superior

Our Philosophy

the small but sophisticated luxury hotel

A sense of wellbeing, a zest for life, and South Tyrolean tradition and connectedness are the values that we aim to convey to our guests.

Panorama Hotel Baumwirt


We offer modern comfort and a friendly atmosphere with a great deal of care, attentiveness and an eye for detail.


“Anna” wellness garden

Our “Anna” wellness garden is balm for the stressed soul yearning for relaxation. Immerse yourself in the gentle waves of our in- and outdoor experience pool. Unwind in the warmth of our saunas. Feel a surge of renewed vitality under the tingling steam jet of our experience showers. Soothing massages and treatments with local alpine herbs round off your wellness experience.


Gourmet & Enjoyment

Culinary treats, cosy corners, tailor-made treatments in our spa garden and plenty of conviviality with friends and the family all guarantee an unforgettably relaxing stay at the Baumwirt.



Savour the lighter side of existence surrounded by the tranquillity and sublime natural scenery of the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

… make yourself comfortable, feel cosseted,
as if you were staying with friends…

Panorama Hotel Seiser Alm

Our success in delivering a supremely sensual experience is confirmed time and again by our numerous regular guests. It’s an achievement that makes us very proud.

And we’d love to welcome and pamper you in the near future too in Kastelruth’s smallest wellness hotel.

Your host family, the Zemmers, and the entire Baumwirt team

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The history of our hotel

  • 1751 Joseph Schissling, proprietor of an inn with internal and outbuildings, which together were known as the “zum Grafen” (this was the first inn in St. Michael).
  • 1780 Christian Mesner
  • 1822 Johann Messner, innkeeper, messenger and owner of the Graf property
  • 1846 Alois Messner, also proprietor
  • 1859 Michael Thomaseth
  • 1861 Alois Messner
  • 1862 Anton Hofer, master tailor
  • 1895 Josef Hofer, son of Anton
  • 1900 Barbara Hofer née Told, maidservant in Bolzano
  • 1909 Johann Dominik Mussner
  • 1914 Josef Messner
  • 1918 Bartlmä Rufin
  • 1927 Vigil Mauroner
  • 1931 Josef Bauer
  • 1936 Gisella Gemassmer née Santifaller und Cesare Brunell
  • 1937 Gisella Santifaller-Gemassmer
  • 1966 Albert Zemmer, owner of the Saxelerhof and Purser of the Kastelruth Raiffesienkasse (savings bank) purchased the Baumwirt Inn in order to leave it to the son who married next.
  • 1970 the inn passed to Richard Zemmer; in 1979 he demolished the old inn and built a hotel with 15 rooms, a bar and a restaurant.
  • 2002 Richard’s son, Raimund Zemmer, and his wife, Judith, took over the hotel and, as a restructuring with measures to improve its quality and size, plus additional contemporary facilities were essential for our guests, in the same year the hotel underwent a reconstruction. New, spacious country house-style rooms and a farmhouse parlour, sitting room, indoor and outdoor pools and children’s playroom were added.
  • In 2005 a sauna facility and beauty department were also added, and so step by step a 3-star superior hotel was updated so as to do justice to the needs of both our regular guests of many years’ standing and new visitors. We will always strive to fulfil the needs and expectations of our regular guests and their families so that we can introduce new innovations whilst at the same time ensuring that we maintain our tried and tested hospitality.
  • In 2008 the hotel underwent a further renovation, with all of the remaining old rooms being transformed into comfort rooms.