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Wellness holidays at Hotel Baumwirt

Wellness garden "Anna"

find peace and relaxation

Our peaceful and relaxing spa garden offers guests holistic recuperation and relaxation. Discovering yourself, feeling contact, talking with one another and getting in touch with the power at the heart of you is balm for the soul and sustenance for body and mind.

Panorama Hotel Baumwirt


Warmth doesn’t only make you feel good. It also provides energy and healing power. And it is a natural medicine. No matter whether it’s the first signs of a cold that you can feel or you’re plagued with back pain after a long car journey, heat is a much better solution than a painkilling tablet. And the queen bee of heat therapies when it comes to getting and staying healthy is infra-red heat treatment.

A session of 10 to 20 minutes in the cabin produces a whole host of happiness hormones. You’ll feel as fit and happy as after a jogging session.


There’s wonderful watery pleasure to be had in our indoor-outdoor panoramic pool with integrated water jets.

Especially in winter, it’s fantastic to be able to swim from the indoor pool to the heated outdoor pool and enjoy the enchanting mountain world of South Tyrol’s Dolomites.


Outdoor panoramic pool (29°) with jet stream.


More than just a shower

A fascinating show of light, colours and water combined with pleasant scents prepares you for a sensory journey through our spa garden. With their interplay of lights, scents and colours, our multi-sensory showers have a truly beneficial effect on the senses. The water pressure massages the body and relieves muscle tensions.


What could be better after a busy day in the splendid South Tyrolean Dolomites than giving yourself up to total relaxation and reliving your fantastic memories of the day?

After unwinding in our Anna spa garden, you’ll find an oasis of peace in our room of tranquillity.

Various teas

Quiet room with wonderful loungers, a variety of teas and fresh, sparkling spring water from the hotel’s own source.


Above all, saunaing is supposed to enhance one’s defences against cold germs and may also be used in some diseases, for example for autonomic nervous system complaints, as a therapeutic treatment.

All types of sauna induce relaxation and are a positive way of overcoming everyday stress.

A visit to the sauna guarantees restful sleep and in turn also increases physical fitness for the daytime. It is possible to achieve lasting benefits for the immune system and the skin is cleansed, thus creating a glowing complexion. Above all for older people a sauna is the perfect anti aging treatment. The detoxification of the body through perspiration is a particularly healthy additional benefit.

Finnish Sauna

Your body temperature is increased to 39ºC whilst the perspiration phase (artificial fever) produces the same effect within the body as a genuine fever, namely destruction of pathogens due to the increase in temperature.

Following heat with a cold bath relaxes the muscles and, in addition to several physiological effects such as lowering the blood pressure and stimulating the circulation, metabolism, immune system and respiration, above all also has a beneficial effect on the subjective sense of wellbeing.

Taking a sauna also helps to look after your skin and slow down skin aging; immediately after entering the sauna the skin reacts, the blood vessels dilate, the blood supply increases and after around 15 minutes the surface temperature increases to between 40 and 42 ºC; in the cooling phase the blood vessels constrict again through the use of cold water treatments (“training” of the blood vessels).

The sweating stimulated by saunaing and the repeated water treatments also have a very thorough yet gentle cleansing effect on the body; the outermost layer of the skin swells, loosening dead skin cells which can be easily washed away. In the case of very dry skin, the structure is improved by activating the perspiration glands and water deposits in the skin’s outermost layer.


The biosauna is also known as the low temperature sauna. This type of sauna is good for the circulation. The humidity is approx. 50% and the temperature averages 55-60ºC. The biosauna is the “light” version of the Finnish classic and has a positive effect on the skin, as well as being beneficial to one’s health.

Warmth, the scent of eucalyptus and a natural environment make this sauna the ideal choice. In the biosauna you can enjoy the beneficial effect of the warmth and stimulate not only your circulation but also your metabolism with the cycle of perspiration followed by cooling.

Herbal steam bath

In the pleasant warmth of the steam bath you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Every now and again the barrel slowly tips over and pours water onto the hot herbs which immediately exude their delicate aroma.

The steam bath is a great alternative to the sauna, especially after sporting activity. A little more perspiration, giving the body time to regenerate, to feel the beneficial effect of the essential oils on both breathing and state of mind – a highly recommended end to an active day in the Dolomites.